All Navy Rifle and Pistol Championships  (East and West Coast)
EAST COAST: 26 May - 01 June 2007

WEST COAST: 5-11 May 06

1. Location and Directions
2. Match Schedule
3. Match Staff
4. Official Message

1. Location

A. East Coast - Naval Air Station Oceana Annex Dam Neck, Virginia Beach, Va.

Directions: In the Norfolk/Tidewater area, take I-64 to 44. Take 44 East toward Virginia Beach. Exit at Birdneck and turn right. Go several miles to Gen. Booth Blvd. and turn right. Go to the first major intersection (Dam Neck) and turn left. After passing the sentry, turn left at the light. As you drive upon that road you will pass, in sequence, (1) Bachelor Officers Quarters on the right and a Navy Lodge on the left, (2) Pistol Ranges on the right, (3) after the road winds to the left and then right again, the first building on the right is the USMC Range Office (the USNMT Match Office is behind the USMC Bldg.), (4) the armory, and (5) the rifle range.

The Bachelor Enlisted Quarters are on the same road, at the other end. For example, upon entering the Training Center and passing the sentry, turn right at the light. The last building on the left is where you check in.

Personally Owned Firearms: See Atlantic Fleet Match for Details.

Individuals staying in the BOQ or BEQ during the matches must check-in their firearms at the Armory immediately after arriving at the Training Center. If you arrive at the Training Center after work hours, you must check your firearms in with Security (next to the sentry at the gate). The following morning, you may take the firearms down to the armory. All firearms must be returned to the armory at the end of the day. No firearms may be taken to quarters. Information on Federal and State firearms laws (which apply during transit to the Training Center), are available on the National Rifle Association website, and NRA members can obtain hard copies of the same materials by calling 1-800-672-3888, and hitting "5."

B. West Coast - Camp Pendleton, California

Directions to Range 116A: Take I-5 north 50 miles from San Diego, Ca. or take I-5 south 40 miles from Los Angles. Exit at Los Pugas Road. Follow road east to Camp Pendleton gate. Once on the base proceed on the entrance road (South) for approximately 0.3 mi. and you will come to the intersection of Stuart Mesa and Las Pulgas road. Turn left on Las Pulgas and proceed East approximately 6 miles and turn right on Basilone Road. Proceed approximately 1 mile South and the "Range 116 Shooting Complex" sign will be on your right hand side, turn here. Stat office is located behind the rifle range building. Distance from Los Pugas gate to range 116A is 6.7 miles.

Directions from Range 116A to Range 102. Take Basilone Road east (right) to Stagecoach Road. Distance from Range 116A to Range 102 is 7 miles. Turn right on Stagecoach Road, by sign "Wilcox Range". Turn is just before bridge across Santa Margarita River. At Wilcox Rifle Range 103, Stage coach Road changes to Los Flores Road. Range 102, (Wilcox Pistol) is at end of Los Flores Road. (View map on Select Maps, Search for Chappo Calif.)

Directions from Main gate Camp Pendleton Calif. (Oceanside) to Range 102. From main gate, proceed north on Vandergrift Road, turn left on Basilone Road, turn left on Stagecoach Road, Stagecoach road changes to Los Flores Road. Range 102 is at the end of Los Flores Road.

2. Match Schedule:

3. Match Staff

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4. Official Message