What Are the Essentials for Your RV Toolbox?

Retrieving data. Wait a few seconds and try to cut or copy again.When you are going on an outdoor trip, you might want to keep the RV toolbox loaded. The thing is a small disaster can spoil your entire outdoor trip in a second. Keeping your RV toolbox loaded with essential tools can save you from hazards as well. In fact, a properly maintained RV toolbox can make your hunting campaign great!

So, in this post, we are going to tell exactly what essential tools you can keep in your RV toolbox.

Essential Tools for Your RV Toolbox

Retrieving data. Wait a few seconds and try to cut or copy again.It does not matter if you construct your rig correctly, in the end, some unexpected events will occur be it like tightening or loosening or cutting the rope. So, here is a list of the essential tools that you should help you in dealing with everyday problems –

Socket wrench set (standard and metric): Socket wrench set is useful for tightening and loosening the bolts and machine nuts.

Phillips head and flat bladed screwdrivers (large, medium, small): If you want to tighten and loosen the screws in dire moments, then there is no tool better than Phillips head and flat-bladed screwdrivers. If you want to pry items apart, it might come handy as well.

Standard pliers: Standard pliers are an excellent tool for holding machine nuts while installing or removing, or squeezing items together.

Channel-lock pliers (medium and large): To deal with the oversized machine nuts channel-lock pliers would be useful. When the sockets would not fit properly, use them to turn pipes as well.

Small drill bit set: A tiny drill bit set, ranging from 1/16- to 1/4-inch can help you in working with both metal and wood.

What Are the Essentials for Your RV ToolboxCordless drill with spare battery: Cordless drill with a spare battery is an essential tool to turn the drill bits. They are also useful for raising or lowering the trailer stabilizing jacks.

Sturdy claw hammer: Keeping a sturdy claw hammer will allow you to straighten any bent item or bend a straightened item. You can drive nails or stakes and you can pull them out again with it smoothly.

Pocketknife: A pocketknife is one of the modern RV toolbox tools. With a pocketknife, you can cut the rope, or you can strip or twine wire insulation quickly.

Hobby Knife: With a hobby knife, you can make sharp and precise cuts in vinyl, tape, canvas, tape, wood or any other plastics. This knife comes with a blade protector and with extra sharp blades.

Wire cutters: Wire cutters can make you cut electrical wire smoothly, or you can turn metal coat hangers into marshmallow skewers effortlessly.

Small tape measure: For determining how much electrical wire is needed or how much ground clearance you will have when you are trying to get over the boulder, a small tape measure would extremely useful to perform these tasks.

Mini Hacksaw: A mini hacksaw with extra blades will enable you to cut away twisted bolts, thick plastic, and damaged metalwork.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is you should keep a dedicated set of tools for the RV toolbox. In case you are frequently pulling out the tools from the garage, you might forget something important for an outdoor trip. So, use the above list of tools. They are mostly inexpensive and at the same time, they all are crucial tools, even for veteran campers.