Few Technical Facts of Paintball Markers

Few Technical Facts of Paintball MarkersMany of us heard about the ‘Paintball Sport,’ specially the fun part that involves in it. While paintball sport is a favorite game but many people raise an eyebrow before getting to know about it. The reason is some aspects of this game might confuse you. One of those confusing aspects is the term – Paintball Marker.

Usually, a paintball marker is similar to that of a paintball gun. One might question why people prefer to call it a marker rather than a gun! People call it a marker because the forest rangers used it for marking stray cattle and trees. In this way, the paintball gun got the name of a paintball marker. So, in this post, we are going to explain some of the technical facts of paintball markers.

1. Paintball Marker is the accurate term for a paintball gun

Few Technical Facts of Paintball MarkersPeople never used the paintball guns on humans. As said earlier, they were useful in marking the trees or cattle stray. As a result, people started calling it paintball market. In the early stages, farmers used to mark cattle within a herd. For example – they marked a pregnant or injured cow with the paintball marker. This would allow them to remove the cow from the herd quickly. On the other hand, the foresters or loggers utilized the paintball markers to mark trees. They thought marking the trees with a paintball would be more efficient way than marking the trees with a can of paint. When bying a paintball marker I recomment the US Army Project Salvo Paintball Marker Gun 3Skull is a extremely versatile unit made from high quality.

2. Paintball’s outer shell is made of gelatin

The most surprising element in paintball is its outer shell is made of gelatin. The thing is the machine used to make paintballs can make pills. What’s more, gelatin is digestible, and it is a significant element for medication. Another useful aspect of making paintballs with gelatin is it is biodegradable. They are entirely made of food-grade ingredients. They are not tasty enough to eat, though.

3. Paintballs are not for to freeze in the freezer

There is a whispering from the new players that someone froze paintball before playing with it. This myth is completely ignored by the paintball manufacturers. They have now put an eco-friendly antifreeze element in the paintball. Typically, the paintball will become hard once there is cold weather. For this reason, most of the fields shift towards a winterized paintball.

4. In 1989, the first automatic paintball gun was introduced

Few Technical Facts of Paintball MarkersIn the year 1989, Tippmann Pneumatics in Ft. Wayne made the first ever paintball. He called it the SMG-60. With that unit, you could load the paintball, and the magazine had an 18-round capacity. In truth, it was one of the most exciting paintball of all time.


To conclude, if you are a new player, playing with paintball for the first time, you will be surprised! The thing is paintball markers are robust guns, and you can shoot their ammo at an astonishing rate of 300 or more feet per second. Not to mention, this speed is as fast as a bow or arrow.